Autobiography of jose p laurel

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Jose P. Laurel ( – ) President of the Second Republic from to He had been secretary of the interior (), senator ( – ), delegate to the Constitutional Convention (), and chief justice during the commonwealth.

Jose P. Laurel: Biographical Sketch Among Filipino leaders who dominated the national stage during the first six decades of the 20th century, the one who most deserves the title of philosopher of democracy and economic nationalism is the late Dr. Jose P. Laurel. Biography Of Jose P Laurel Si José Paciano Laurel y García (Marso 9, - Nobyembre 6, ) ay ang ikatlong Pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas(Oktubre 14, Agosto.

José P. Laurel, in full José Paciano Laurel, (born March 9,Tanauan, Luzon, Philippines—died November 6,Manila), Filipino lawyer, politician, and jurist, who served as president of the Philippines (–45) during the Japanese occupation during World War II.

Laurel was born and raised in a town south of Manila.

Autobiography of jose p laurel
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Philippine History -- President Jose P Laurel