Case studies poor nursing documentation

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Poor nursing communication causes needless hospital injuries and deaths

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Poor documentation: The consequences

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This is the case study used during the “Your Medical Documentation Matters” presentation.

Poor documentation: The consequences

It is Your Medical Documentation Matters 3 Case Study J.K. is a year-old male patient. He is 6 feet tall and weighs pounds. and that J.K. had not received any wound care prior to admission. This pediatric simulation and unfolding case study takes place in the Nursing Learning Resource Center and is scheduled early in the Nursing Care of Children and Adolescents course.

It stands as an immersion day experience that is comprehensive Resources with free scenarios. HHCLDOCS CLINICAL DOCUMENTATION STRATEGIES FOR HOME HEALTH a division Elizabeth I.

Gonzalez, RN, BSN • Case studies and advice for managing documentation risk (includes a checklist) an allegation that negligent care was provided.

Even worse, documentation of care or services provided. Case studies and interviews are aligned with clinical specialties and high risk areas identified in the Harvard system. READ MORE > Defendants share, PCPs transform care, and more November Insights newsletter. Coroner’s Report: discuss the importance of documentation in health care.

Portfolio activity 2 Coroner’s Report (2, words) As part of your portfolio you are required to review one coroner’s report from the examples provided on the MyUni site and provide a .

Case studies poor nursing documentation
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Integrity of the Healthcare Record: Best Practices for EHR Documentation ( update)