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Chaudhary Group

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INTRODUCTION: FUDCO is a centralized Quality Food Production unit of Chaudhary group located at Sanepa, Kathmandu, Nepal. It offers a wide range of truly international quality products.

It was Nepal’s first noodles production company to be awarded ISO later certified into An integrated food production complex of Chaudhary Group on the southern fringe of Lalitpur district, Nepal, it offers a wide range of products of true international quality using the latest food is divided into 3 subunits manufacturing noodles, extruded snacks, fried.

Wai Wai Nepali Instant Noodles by Chaudhary group (Chicken Pack of 4 pcs) out of 5 stars 5. $ CGFN has two manufacturing locations in Nepal which have been named as FUDCO at Kathmandu and Chaudhary Udyog Gram (CUG) at Nawalparasi, Kms south west of Kathmandu.

Wai Wai is a popular brown noodle (3 Seasonings) available in 2. Cg ASHISH KAFLE Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal Contact: + E-mail: [email protected] SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCE EXECUTIVE HUMAN RESOURCE ANALYST 17 years’.

The Chaudhary Group progress over the last 69 years and has been a trial bazaar on the Nepalese horizon. Today a conglomerate of over 45 businesses, the group has an unmatched investment outlay of over $ million. Besides these Chaudhary Food Complex (FUDCO), a massive centralized.

Importance Of Operations Management Information Technology Essay. CG Chaudhary Group. FUDCO Chaudhary Food Complex. STARLEC Steel and Electronics Complex.

CAD Computer Aided Design. DSS Decision Support System. ERP Enterprise .

Information about chaudhary group fudco
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