Innocence lost through puritanism

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Innocence lost through Puritanism?

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Puritan Memoirs - Mr. William Fulke

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Loss of Innocence - Part 2

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Scandal of the Evangelical Memory, Part 3 of 5

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Liberal Christianity, broadly speaking, is a method of biblical hermeneutics, an undogmatic method of understanding God through the use of scripture by applying the same modern hermeneutics used to understand any ancient writings, symbols and scriptures.

Tall, mysterious, and handsome, Nathaniel Hawthorne was known for walking silently by himself. He was a writer and creator who could not bear the indignities of small talk.

He was lost in worlds of his own making on strolls through the New England woods. Perhaps, if you had happened upon him, you. If we turn to ‘philosophy of Puritanism’, the ‘dicing’ proposition looses its relevance. If we turn to the philosophy incarnation of the day as preached by so called intellectuals and self-made God-reincarnations or even by the academicians, it becomes misleading enough to veer us to the brink of conscience crisis.


Jessica Powers, in many respects a "literary daughter" of Dickinson, is a contemporary poet, virtually unknown. Both women created hundreds of poems, emerging from their rootedness in nature, experiences of death and loss, and the quest for the spiritual.

Innocence lost through puritanism
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