Recurring crisis

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Recurring Election Crisis – by Pete Ketcham

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Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

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Financial crisis

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A recurring feature of the popular mind is the belief that whatever trend is dominant at the moment can only continue indefinitely. Thus if the prices of houses and other assets are rising and have been rising for some time, then they must continue to do so indefinitely into the future.

Gov. Rick Scott is only the latest in a long line of pols who failed to fix Florida’s recurring and utterly predictable toxic algae crisis. From recurring crisis to resilience: an investment case. The El Niño phenomenon has been one of the strongest on record, affecting deeply the lives and livelihoods of more than 60 million people across 40 countries.

Access Services has a team of crisis workers who can help with depression or suicidal thoughts immediately and without judgement. Severe global financial crises have been recurring every decade: the crash, the Asian financial crisis and the Credit Crisis. This recurring pattern had been generated by wholesale.

Recurring crisis
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